ninjainatux was founded in 2016 By Damien Brett form a single banner
to release creatives works under and to establish a recognisable brand
that could grow to included other artists, designers and developers.
Previous to this Damien had released content under countless
pseudonyms across many domains.

Team Ninja

Damien "Blunt" Brett

Hi there, I'm Damien and I created this website. 
I'm an independent designer, developer and musician from the United Kingdom! 
I create games, software, music and more under the pseudonym "ninjainatux". 
I studied Computer Science & Design at University and I have over 20 years experience in creative industries.


Hi I'm Ellie and I handle back office and business related stuff. Nothing to see here x

Prof' Reubacube & Werewolf T 

We are the fun testers!